Horse Shows & New Partnerships

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been at our Monroe, CT home for 10 months. In that time we’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet so many new friends, neighbors, and clients. It’s been particularly exciting to match our new riders with great horses. Corinne Macaulay had a fantastic start with Kanneau in the jumper ring at HITS, and this weekend at Fairfield we’ll have three new pairs making their show ring debuts - best of luck to Hend Hafez & Centre Stage, Lexi Weinbaum & Vail, and Natalia Wyszkowski & Pilgrim de Blue Mery!

We’re also incredibly proud to cheer on Sam Gleason as he and his longtime partner Aaron continue their finals season. They’ll head to Maclay Regionals this week, having just placed 3rd in the Marshall & Sterling Junior Equitation Final last weekend. After that it’s on to Harrisburg & Capital Challenge!

We’re already looking ahead to the winter season, and happily we’ll once again be able to offer boarding and showing options at our CT home base and in Wellington, Florida.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us over the last few months - we’re so excited to keep growing into 2020!

Investing and Improving

Since December, we’ve been happy to call Shalimar Fields our home. With the start of spring, we’re incredibly excited to be undertaking a number of improvements to what is now our long-term address.

Over the next few weeks, our clients can look forward to a smoother driveway, greener paddocks, and a number of infrastructure upgrades to both barns and the staff house. On Wednesday, the team from Lawton Adams will be stopping by to fluff up and regrade both riding rings. We’ve also acquired an additional harrow which will give us more flexibility in maintaining the footing year round.

Alongside these larger projects, we’ll all be rolling up our sleeves to tackle a host of other things that always need doing around the farm, from painting and gardening to dusting and scrubbing.

We’re looking forward to sharing our progress as we head into warmer weather, and hope that if you haven’t stopped by the farm in a while, you’ll pay us a visit!

Katherine Weber
New Season, New Goals

It’s the end of March and spring will be springing!  With the promise of beautiful weather comes the thoughts of green grass, chirping birds, and lots of riding in the sunshine! 

 But before being swept up in the busy outdoor season, we have found that this is the perfect time for setting and defining expectations and goals and making the right choices to reach those goals.  As Earl Nightingale once said, "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going".  That said, like anything else, riding goals can only be achieved if they are in agreement with the commitment made to achieve those goals.  And this includes both riding time and budget.  This is especially important for riders hoping for their first show season or first lease, or riders who may be new to a riding program.  

We hope to be able to sit with you to better understand your wishes, and help you to see them realized.  

 So, before you pick out that new show coat or that new saddle pad, take some time to sit with your trainer and review your plans…because planning is the key to success!

Katherine Weber
Welcome to Stony Lane at Shalimar Fields!

Thank you for reading our new blog!  We hope that you will check in from time to time to see what is new and enjoy our musings on horses, showing, or current happenings.

It has been a week of moving and settling in to our new home, and with it, a new barn family.  In the few days since we began this process, I have gotten to know the current equine residents that have become our neighbors, and with it, different disciplines and different breeds.  The most unexpected thing about this process is realizing that no matter the goals, we all love our horses.  The ties that bind us as horse people have less to do with the shape of our saddle or the breed of our steed, and more to do with the love of the animal – the bond with these noble creatures that leaves us coming back the next day and the day after that, hoping to improve in our knowledge and training, and once again breathing in the barn air that makes us feel at home.

So I am grateful to our new neighbors for the reminder of why we are here – thank you for allowing us into your home and your barn family, and for inspiring in us a quest to improve and to keep learning.  It will be a fun winter!




Katherine Weber
Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that Stony Lane will have a new home at Shalimar Fields in Monroe, CT as of December 1, 2018.

Thank you for your continued support - we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you!