Welcome to Stony Lane at Shalimar Fields!

Thank you for reading our new blog!  We hope that you will check in from time to time to see what is new and enjoy our musings on horses, showing, or current happenings.

It has been a week of moving and settling in to our new home, and with it, a new barn family.  In the few days since we began this process, I have gotten to know the current equine residents that have become our neighbors, and with it, different disciplines and different breeds.  The most unexpected thing about this process is realizing that no matter the goals, we all love our horses.  The ties that bind us as horse people have less to do with the shape of our saddle or the breed of our steed, and more to do with the love of the animal – the bond with these noble creatures that leaves us coming back the next day and the day after that, hoping to improve in our knowledge and training, and once again breathing in the barn air that makes us feel at home.

So I am grateful to our new neighbors for the reminder of why we are here – thank you for allowing us into your home and your barn family, and for inspiring in us a quest to improve and to keep learning.  It will be a fun winter!




Katherine Weber