New Season, New Goals

It’s the end of March and spring will be springing!  With the promise of beautiful weather comes the thoughts of green grass, chirping birds, and lots of riding in the sunshine! 

 But before being swept up in the busy outdoor season, we have found that this is the perfect time for setting and defining expectations and goals and making the right choices to reach those goals.  As Earl Nightingale once said, "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going".  That said, like anything else, riding goals can only be achieved if they are in agreement with the commitment made to achieve those goals.  And this includes both riding time and budget.  This is especially important for riders hoping for their first show season or first lease, or riders who may be new to a riding program.  

We hope to be able to sit with you to better understand your wishes, and help you to see them realized.  

 So, before you pick out that new show coat or that new saddle pad, take some time to sit with your trainer and review your plans…because planning is the key to success!

Katherine Weber