Investing and Improving

Since December, we’ve been happy to call Shalimar Fields our home. With the start of spring, we’re incredibly excited to be undertaking a number of improvements to what is now our long-term address.

Over the next few weeks, our clients can look forward to a smoother driveway, greener paddocks, and a number of infrastructure upgrades to both barns and the staff house. On Wednesday, the team from Lawton Adams will be stopping by to fluff up and regrade both riding rings. We’ve also acquired an additional harrow which will give us more flexibility in maintaining the footing year round.

Alongside these larger projects, we’ll all be rolling up our sleeves to tackle a host of other things that always need doing around the farm, from painting and gardening to dusting and scrubbing.

We’re looking forward to sharing our progress as we head into warmer weather, and hope that if you haven’t stopped by the farm in a while, you’ll pay us a visit!

Katherine Weber